Data Imprinting

Transfer data seamlessly between ION objects

Allow data from custom attributes that you have set up in ION to flow between different data objects based on a defined trigger point.

Use Case

Factories often build assemblies of different tiers (or pedigrees/grades) with processes optimized for that respective tier. Most commonly, R&D builds do not require the level of scrutiny and perfection a production level build requires. Part tiers are determined during production runs, ensuring clear specifications and quality standards for the internal builds. Purchase orders further define part tiers for ordered parts, enabling suppliers to meet criticality levels accurately. With clear communication of part tier information, engineers and manufacturers can make informed decisions, guaranteeing the right components are used for specific purposes, and avoiding costly errors or safety hazards.


Follow the instructions on the Automations page to get started.

Trigger, Receiving Object, and Transmitting Object:

Here are the current working examples for transferring data between objects. The transmitting object is the object that initially stores the data and sends it to the receiving object when the trigger occurs. For example, If you define the pedigree as production on the purchase order line, when it's respective inventory is received on a receipt item, the data will transfer from the PO line to the part inventory associated with the PO line that was received.

Transmitting ObjectReceiving ObjectTrigger Event


Part Inventory

Run Create

Purchase Order Line

Part Inventory

Receipt Item Create

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Line

Purchase Order Line Create

Part Inventory


Issue Create

Attributes to Sync

Type in as many attributes as you want to sync between the two objects as seen below. This is case sensitive.

Ensure that there is an identically named custom attribute on both objects in the settings. If the attribute is a select, ensure the options are also identically named.

Keep in mind that the automation takes a few seconds to run and you will need to refresh your screen in order to see the changes made in the background!

Custom attribute types multiselect and ION users/parts will be included in a future update.

Contact the First Resonance Team if a data flow is not listed above that your team requires.

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