Smartsheet Integration

Use the Set Up below for instructions on how to deploy this integration.

Leverage Smartsheet's powerful scheduling and planning capabilities to manage your ION factory operations with ease. Smartsheet can create 'dependencies' between different runs in ION so that changes to dates in one will propagate to down stream dependencies. The integration once deployed will work for your entire organization.

Bidirectional Sync

The bidirectional sync, is initiated when a new run is created in ION which the integration will automatically propagate the new run information over to Smartsheet. The data transferred from ION to Smartsheet when the ION run is created or updated is seen below. Similarly, when the run start and end dates in Smartsheet are updated, the information is synced over to ION.

In order to ensure duplicate rows are not created in Smartsheet, we store the Smartsheet Row ID in a custom attribute in ION as seen in the last step in the Setup section!

Set up

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page designated by the two arrows in the bottom lefthand corner of your screen.

  2. Select Smartsheet integration instance from the marketplace and hit Configure.

  3. Hit Next and add your API credentials. You can find documentation on API credentials here API Keys

    • IMPORTANT: Each API Key is associated with a specific environment, be sure to generate the API keys from the correct environment and configure the automation to the designated environment.

  4. Click connect and log in to Smartsheet under the Smartsheet OAuth Connection. For Gov Cloud Smartsheets, please see Gov Cloud Additional Setup.

    1. For those using ION Gov with Smartsheet Commercial, please set the following attributes to Commercial and continue following the instructions below. You will not need to perform the Gov Cloud Additional Setup!

  5. Under the file tab in your Smartsheet sheet of choice, click on Properties. From there, copy and paste the Smartsheet Sheet ID into the blank, and select your preferred timezone.

  6. Use the 'sync dates' toggle to choose whether you want the start and end dates to be synchronized between ION and Smartsheet. If you turn off this sync, ION's due date will be based on Smartsheet's end date. This setup permits ION's start and end dates to be set separately from Smartsheet, yet they can still be measured against the anticipated due date in Smartsheet.

  7. Hit Finish to complete the integration configuration.

  8. Once you have your integration set up, label the columns (type):

    • Run Title (Text/Numbers)

    • Run ID (Text/Numbers)

    • Status (Dropdown list with the following options):

      • TODO


      • REDLINE

      • COMPLETE


      • FAILED

      • HOLD

      • CANCELED

    • Start Date (Date Time)

    • End Date (Date Time)

    • Duration (Duration)

    • Batch (Text/Numbers)

    • Percent Complete (Text/Numbers)

    • Link (Text/Numbers)

  9. To set up the Duration column, set it to “= End Date - Start Date”

  10. Lock the following columns by right clicking the label and selecting “Lock column”:

    • Run Title

    • Run ID

    • Status

    • Duration

    • Batch

    • Percent Complete

    • Link

  11. Click on the gear on the bottom left of the screen to navigate to the Settings page.

  12. Click on Organization and scroll down to Runs. Type in “Smartsheet Row ID” into the Attribute name and select “Number” for the type. Then click Add Attribute. As stated above, this will be used to update existing rows on changes in ION (for example, status) and will be taken care of automatically through the integration once the attribute is setup.

Gov Cloud Additional Setup

  1. In addition to the above, you will have the option to input a Smartsheet Client ID and Secret if you use Smartsheet Gov Cloud. The below instructions detail where to capture and input those attributes.

  2. Navigate to Account > Developer Tools. If you do not have access to this, the Smartsheet team can grant you access to developer tools.

  3. Select Create New App and input the details as shown below. After hitting save, an ID and Secret will be generated which you can use to input into the above dialog on step 4 above.

  4. Once the ID and Secret are inputted, hit Connect to verify the connection with Smartsheet, and then finish the rest of the configuration and hit Finish.

Error Handling

Error 1:

Execution of 'Add Row' failed with error: { "message": "Cannot destructure property 'id' of 'i[t]' as it is undefined.", "name": "TypeError", "stack": "TypeError: Cannot destructure property 'id' of 'i[t]' as ...}

  • When you see this error it is likely that your smartsheet columns are named incorrectly.


  • Please make sure your column names match exactly to what you see above in the configuration section. You can also create a new sheet and let the integration create all columns for you.

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