Configuring printing in ION

Instructions on how to download Zebra Browser Print and use with ION.

  1. Download Zebra Browser Print from here (available for both PCs and Macs)

  2. Follow these instructions here (for Mac, but virtually the same for PC)

  3. Select a default printer in the Browser Print settings

4. Open the barcode modal in ION and select a printer (these should populate from the Zebra app). If you haven't already created a template, follow the steps here.


  1. Make sure your computer and printer are connected to the same network. The browser will only be able to access printers on the same network

  2. If the printers don't appear in the ION print barcode modal, but display in the Zebra Browser Print application, try going to https://localhost:9101/available. You might need to authorize the browser to connect with Zebra Browser Print. You'll see a button appear for this link when no printers appear to make it easier to navigate there.

2. If your printers show up in the ION print modal dropdown, but you get an error when trying to print, try the following steps. We've seen some issues with printing to the default printer with Zebra Browser Print for some folks.

  • add the printer manually in Zebra Browser Printer under a different name

  • don't make it the default

  • select the printer that you just added in the dropdown when printing

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