ION Factory OS

Reference designators

Define positions in the mBOM that are useful for installation traceability


  • Define reference designators in the mBOM
  • Install inventory into reference designator positions in the aBOM
    • aBOMs will fan out to represent the number of reference designators


In the assembly below, there are 8 lidar, 8 radar, and 3 camera sub components.
To define positions for the camera click the Add button in the Reference Designators column as show below:
When the aBOM is generated, the reference designator will appear above the inventory selector for the camera items. Inventory can now be installed into specific positions. Note that 1 aBOM item was created for each reference designator.
Reference designators are also reflected in the trace view:


  • You can not define more reference designators in the mBOM than quantity
  • When creating aBOM items for reference designators, each aBOM item is created for quantity 1