What is a kit?

A Kit is a collection of parts that is reserved to be used on a specific run. As you kit components they are automatically taken out of inventory. Using kitting allows you to plan your assemblies without worrying about double dipping your inventory!

Creating a kit

New run page

In order to create a kit, it needs to be attached to a run. On the run page, as you fill out the required fields (shown below) the "Prepare Kit" button will become active.

When you press the "Prepare Kit" button ION will use the mBOM stored in the parts section to determine what parts could potentially go into the kit. These parts and quantities will show up in the kitting view.

Kitting Page

In the kitting view, you will be able to select serial or lot numbers of the kitable components to add them to the kit.

Because the purpose of kitting is to reserve parts for a specific run, as soon as the parts are kitted they are subtracted from inventory and attached to a specific run. It is also not required to fully kit all parts.

See Part Inventory and Kitting in the API section for more information.

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