Okta SAML connection setup

A SAML connection requires work from both your administrator and First Resonance.

We used this post as a reference.


  1. Reach out to us and we will provide a connection name, Single Sign On URL, and Audience restriction. Use the message icon in the bottom right corner of ION to contact us.

  2. Create an app integration in Okta and then add the following fields:

Single Sign On URL: https://firstresonance.auth0.com/login/callback?connection=<connection_name_from_step_1>

Audience Restriction: urn:auth0:firstresonance:<connection_name_from_step_1>

  1. Provide us a Sign on URL and send us the X.509 Certificate produced by Okta

  2. We'll let you know when everything is setup on our side and then you can try to log in from Okta. Check out the video below for more info.

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