The Runs API lets you create and update runs, as well as manage run and step status, schedule, and data.

Create a run

mutation CreateRun($input: CreateRunInput!) {
    createRun(input: $input) {
        run {
            id title procedureId createdById
            dueDate assignedToId description
            partInventory {

Mutation to create run from a procedure. This will not work if "Autogenerate run title" box is checked. if you do have it checked, simply remove "title" from the mutation block above and "title": "run title" from the Query Variables below.

Query variables:

    "input": {
        "title": "run title",
        "procedureId": 1,
        "dueDate": "2021-09-28T16:57:37",
        "partInventoryId": 2

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