SOLIDWORKS Pro PDM Integration

We've partnered with Hawk Ridge Systems to offer a SOLIDWORKS PDM integration on request. Please contact your First Resonance representative or for pricing and deployment details.

The integration syncs part (part number, revision, description, thumbnail) and BOM information from PDM to ION. This integration applies only to syncing assembly documents from SOLIDWORKS PDM to ION. All the part documents in that assembly will be brought over with the integration.

Setup instructions

  1. Create an API key using the createAPIKey mutation shown here (recommend testing this integration out in the sandbox environment first)

  2. Add part custom attributes to your ION instance. These will get populated by the integration and are used for updating thumbnails. These should both be number types.

    1. PDMID


  3. Download the .cex file for the add-in

    • In Windows 7 or newer, make sure to right-click on the CEX file, go to Properties and check the unblock checkbox at the bottom of the dialog. Confirm this operation by clicking on Apply, then OK. This will unblock the CEX and its content.

  4. Go to SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin console and add the add-in to your vault

  5. Right click on the add-in and go to "Web API settings":

    • populate an API Endpoint that should look like: https://<ION Endpoints>/graphql

    • populate an Authentication endpoint that should follow this format https://<AUTH_SERVER>/auth/realms/api-keys/protocol/openid-connect/token

      • see here for ION API and authentication endpoint options

    • populate the clientId and clientSecret from your ION API key

  6. Right click on the add-in again and go to "Add-in settings":

    • set a SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API Key after requesting with these instructions. This is required in order to get access to thumbnails

    • configure property mappings for part number, description, and revision based on how they are set in PDM

    • choose a BOM template. Make sure your BOM template has a <Reference Count> column for quantity in ION. To do that, login to the your vault from the Administration tool, right-click on the BOM template under "Bill of Materials" and then click "Open".

  7. Right click on the add-in one final time and go to "Workflow settings"

    • Add a transition that you'd like to tie this integration to so that it will run every time a document transitions to this state

  8. Conduct your normal workflow and you should see a pop-up when information is being synced over to ION .

    • To make sure the thumbnails sync, the assembly and its immediate children must be locally cached. This is generally done by getting the latest version of the assembly and its children.

Loading new versions

To upgrade to a new version of the .cex file:

  1. Download the new .cex file and install the new version of the add-in (it will replace the existing add-in).

  2. Run the following commands in the command prompt to kill the task and start it new:

taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
taskkill /f /im edmserver.exe 
start explorer

The settings that you used in the previous version will still be there so no need to re-enter that information.

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