aBOM Beta Changes

We are overhauling our aBOM underlying structure and will have big changes hitting very soon.

Please see below for our estimated timeline:

  • 12/11/23: a developer-friendly test environment has been released for developers on your team to see the new API

  • 1/8/24: changes have been released into sandbox

  • Week of 2/3/24: changes deployed to production!


  • Increased Flexibility: Our updated aBOM will empower you to modify aBOM requirements, even if they originated from the mBOM. This will enable your teams to seamlessly incorporate changes on the fly and achieve 100% installation accuracy.

  • More control: You will have the capability to edit reference designators and substitutes for each requirement separately from the mBOM.

  • Simplified Integrations: The changes will make it significantly easier to listen for install/uninstall webhooks.

API breaking changes

There will be breaking changes to the API. Please see the subpage if you are a developer on ION. We will also be sending out specific communication to those who are directly affected.

Other ION changes

  1. New aBOM side panel: we're introducing our newly design aBOM, which includes a streamlined interface to get to the information you need quicker and new options for uninstallation.

See below for a breakdown on how to use the new aBOM:

When uninstalling parts, you will be presented with additional options including selecting a new location and scrapping the part being removed. Note: you can partially remove quantities and that will cause an inventory split.

  1. Changes to the trace view: the aBOM tree and indented views have had minor with the new updates.

Each build requirement will be shown in gray and show the total quantity required and the total quantity installed. Expanding that will show all of the installed parts.

When exporting, only the installed items will be included (build requirements are skipped).

  1. You can edit build requirements (API only for now)! This allows for changing the part, quantity, substitutes, reference designators, or whether it is Made on Assembly (MOA).

  2. mBOM to aBOM logic updates: There are few small changes to how information is passed from the mBOM to the aBOM. Currently aBOMs look back to the mBOM items they were created from to get the substitute information and whether it is Made on Assembly (MOA). With this release build requirements will inherit substitutes and the MOA designation on creation, but will be allowed to change independently and may diverge from the mBOM item

  3. Install components onto untracked parts: With this change we're allowing parts to be installed onto untracked parents.

Check out this video for more information:

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