Scanning workflows are built into ion to perform actions much quicker than mouse + keyboard.

How Scanning Works

ION determines a barcode has been scanned by listening for characters being typed in quickly that match the ION ID specification. Based on the scanned object, ION allows you to take quick actions, like moving a bin or installing a component.

When scanning a barcode in ION, ensure that an ION window is open and focused in the browser and scan with a barcode scanner connected to your computer.

Scanning is enabled on all screens in ION.

Since ION recognizes barcodes by looking for quickly typed-in characters, any barcode scanner that connects to your computer using the HID specification should work with ION. In general, most USB and bluetooth scanners should work. We recommend the NADAMOO Wireless QR code scanner for for testing barcodes.


There are 3 types of objects that can be scanned in ION: inventory, locations, and kits.

When scanning one of these objects, you will first see an indication that a scan has occurred.

Once the object data loads, you are presented with a list of options. Note: You do not need to wait until the data loads to take the next action. These options may require either an additional scan or a click.

For instance, if you scan an inventory and then scan a location, the inventory will be moved to that location. See below for the system diagram of scan actions (note: tools are a type of part inventory. All actions for inventory below apply also to tools).

Installing Inventory

This is the one scan workflow in ION that requires the user to be on a specific page. When scanning a part inventory on the Run execution view, it will try to install that part (if the part is on the aBOM).

Example workflows

Below show several examples of scan workflows available in ION.

ION workfowScans requiredNotes

Move inventory

scan inventory scan location

Move multiple inventories

scan location scan inventory scan inventory scan inventory

All 3 inventories would be moved to the new location.

Kit inventory

scan inventory scan kit

Kit multiple inventories

scan kit scan inventory scan inventory scan inventory

All 3 inventories would be kitted

Move location (totes)

scan location scan parent location

Install part

scan inventory

Only works on run execution screen. Also, works for substitutes. If the part is lot-tracked, the quantity must be confirmed by the user

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