Get your parts from dock to stock with ION Receipts and Inspection runs

What are Receipts?

Receipts are used to track the event of bringing parts into the factory from outside suppliers. They allow population of key inventory fields such as serial number, lot, and location.

Additionally, receipts can be tied to runs to enable procedural inspections of incoming parts.

Processing receipts

A receipt is automatically created when moving a PO's state to "Ordered". You can click on "Receive" to go directly to the receipt and process it.

If the part being received requires serial tracking (as specified on the part), a serial number will need to be populated before it can be received. The same also applies for lot tracked parts.

Only purchase orders in an ordered status can be received. When all parts on a purchase order are received, the purchase order status will be changed to received as shown below for the purchase order linked to the above receipt:

Adding parts to receipts

Additional parts can be added to receipts with the Receive more parts button.

Inspection runs

Procedures now have a type to designate build vs inspection.

On the part/procedure link, the inspection run can be set as required:

Setting this as required will automagically create an inspection run upon receipt for that part number:

Receiving non-part purchases (i.e. services)

You can now using receiving to receive purchase items that do not have a part number.

There is little difference to receiving non-parts. The only major difference is that properties that are normally accessible on the inventory such as location, serial number, and lot number are not there because these are not inventory items.

Accessing your fully received receipt

Receipts for a PO can be seen by typing the PO number in the search box on the Receipts page:

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