Non-Inventoried Parts

Create parts in ION that will not create inventory if purchased

Use Case

Businesses often procure materials other than manufacturing parts like office furniture, software, consultation, etc... These are items that need to be purchased but are not tracked in inventory and often do not show up on the general ledger. In ERP systems like NetSuite, these are tracked as a separate item type called non-inventory parts. ION now allows you to create, manage, and purchase non-inventory parts using ION's standard parts library.



A non-inventory part can be purchased just as any other ION part except when you put it on a purchase order line, no inventory will be created. You can see here that for the first two lines, both of which are non-inventory parts, there are no sub-lines, which denotes the lack of inventory.

The quantity and cost columns still function as expected.


Non-inventoried parts can be received by default.


How do I create a non-inventory part?

  1. Navigate to ION's part library and press create part.

  2. In the create part modal, type in the part information and change the new "Creates Inventory" toggle to off (greyed out) as shown below

  3. Press "Create Part"

Updating a non-inventoried part:

You can edit a non-inventory part to make it inventoried so that future purchase orders containing that part will create inventory. The change WILL NOT change previously created purchase order lines with that former non-inventory part on it.

Coming Soon:

Non-receivable, non-inventory parts

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