For preventative actions management

When ION gets you 90% of the way to issue resolution and root causing, leverage Jira to push you over the finish line and complete those preventative action projects in your familiar Jira workspace.

Integration Description

Teaming up with Jira allows users to leverage a common tool they are already using to complete quality programs on the manufacturing floor. Specifically with this integration users can kick of Preventative Action projects within Jira by indicating they'd like to do so in ION. By pointing to a specific project page within the organizations Jira instance issues in ION are linked to Preventative Action tickets in Jira and a URL is accessible from both platforms to toggle from one site to another. There is also the ability to set up a hold state attribute within ION and Jira that will pass statuses from one to the other depending on the results of the preventative action study. Users can choose to hold all parts in their production line that share the same base part in the library as the one on the issue ticket, hold all work in progress (WIP) parts, hold all new parts from being put on new runs, or not implement a hold at all.

Organizations through the use of ION Actions can then define what safeguards need to be put in place for these various hold states.

Integration Setup

Please refer to the setting up of integrations and automations for the base level setup of this integration including APIs and clientSecrets etc. The following talks about the fields specific to this integration that need to be setup within the ION Organizational Settings and the Jira Project Specific Settings.

Jira Specific Configuration

Jira App

In order to implement this integration application in Jira you will need to be an admin in your Atlassian space and be the owner of a product

You can use the following link to download the app.

Jira App

Get in touch with the First Resonance team to set up the Jira Cloud application in your Jira instance.

Jira Credentials

Setup your Jira connection using the connect button below.

Jira Fields

There are two key field attributes needed during setup of this integration

The fields and descriptions of what they point to are shown bellow. Specific steps within Jira to create these fields are also shown below.

End the Jira Project name that can be found in the Project Settings tab of the Jira Project

To create a new field in the Preventative Actions Issues navigate to the Issues tab in the project and click on the three dot "Action" button.

Click configure to set up new fields

From the right hand pane you can select what type of field you'd like to configure.

Once the drop down field has been created name the field so that it matches the Jira Issue Hold Status field.

Populate the options with the hold states that you want to create rules around. We'd recommend the following shown bellow as we will have off the shelf rules you can apply to them. Explanations of the types of controls will be featured when those rules are rolled out.

ION Custom Attribute Configuration

Four custom attributes are needed on ION Issues to facilitate this integration. Make sure that the custom attribute names exactly match the text input during the integration setup!

You can use the default values to copy/paste into ION Custom attribute creation to ensure that the fields match.

Descriptions of what each one of these fields refers to is shown below.

Those are all the specific fields needed for configuration. Double check names are exact matched between the Integration and your Organizations custom attributes.

Also check out our page on managing CAPA with ION for more information.

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