ION Analytics

Allowing you to easily visualize and share data within your organization

Please contact your First Resonance Customer Success partner or email for details on activating ION Analytics.

ION Analytics provides users access to their data, custom reporting, and out-of-the-box dashboards from directly within ION, no set-up needed!

Key Features

Quick Start Guide

  1. Navigate to ION Analytics via the "Analytics" side-bar item

  2. Once within Analytics you'll be able to use the folder icon in the bottom left of the screen to navigate to other dashboards

  3. Explore any of the existing dashboards to better understand what's going on in your factory.

    • Utilize filters to get down to the data relevant to you

    • Export data (CSV, Excel, PNG, etc.)

    • Export entire dashboard as PDF

    • Customize a dashboard to meet your needs

      • Select the "Save As" button in the bottom right corner

      • Now select "Edit" in the bottom right corner and select the element you want to edit

Standard Dashboards

With ION Analytics you will have access to a set of dashboards already built and ready for use within your organization! Over time these will continue to grow with input and feedback from our users.

All standard dashboards are available within the ION Analytics workspace.

Below are the current standard dashboard offerings within the platform:

  • Production Reports - Overview of run, procedure, and team performance to better understand your production floor

  • Run Field Data - Explore data inputs from your execution of procedures across runs, analyze, and understand outliers and trends.

  • Issues Overview - Understand a holistic view of your issue landscape. Identify problem parts/processes to help burn-down issues and improve quality and output of your production.

  • Part Details - See everything that you care about for a part or specific part inventory to understand current state of that it along with cost data.

    • Inventory Level Tracking - Manage and monitor inventory levels to better understand when to reorder

  • Supplier Dashboard - Check your supplier health and their performance against open orders.

  • Costed mBOM - Input a parent assembly to get multi-level mBOM with material cost for the assembly

  • Costed aBOM - Input a parent Part, Rev and SN to get a full multi-level aBOM including Material and Hours worked to give a holistic view of ACTUAL assembly cost

Build and Share Custom Dashboards

In addition to the standard dashboards provided, ION Analytics provides a platform to modify existing dashboards to your unique needs as well as build completely new dashboards to help drive your organization forward.

There are a couple different ways to customize and build within ION Analytics. Please reference this documentation on how to build out dashboards and visualizations.

  • Customize and build on top of a standard dashboard - if there is a dashboard that you want to customize for your needs you can simply make a copy an edit using the following steps:

    1. Select the "Save As" button in the bottom right corner

    2. Name the new copy, choose a destination folder and click "Save"

    3. Now select "Edit" in the bottom right corner and select the element you want to edit

    4. Once you are done editing select "Publish" to share

  • Build a new dashboard from "scratch" - to do this you will actually just follow the above steps but copy from the "Blank Template" within the "ION Analytics" folder

Manage permissions within ION

User permissions to ION Analytics can be managed like any other permission within ION.

  • GenerateReadEmbeddedAnalytics - ability to view existing dashboards and interact with filters, exports, etc.

  • GenerateWriteEmbeddedAnalytics - ability to to edit and create new dashboards/visualizations in addition to the read access above

Explore and Export data

Data exploration and exports are built in and can be done from any element within a dashboard or for an entire dashboard.

Data/Element Exports

Export of entire Dashboard to PDF

Maximize element to see in more detail

Scheduled Exports/Notifications

Users can set up scheduled exports to be emailed to themselves and/or other members of their organization by following the steps below:

  1. Select "Schedule Export" from the folder menu on the bottom left

  2. Select "Add Schedule"

  3. Fill out the Schedule details

  4. Add Attachments: Exports can include attachments in the different formats and you can have multiple attachments per export.

  5. Determine Schedule

  6. Set Controls (optional): filters on the data to be sent in this export

  7. Add Send Condition (optional):

    • Always - Send at the scheduled time.

    • If there is no data - Send IF a selected element has NO data.

    • If there is data - Send IF a selected element HAS data.

    • If a condition is met - Send IF a specific column in a selected element meets a specific condition.

  8. Click "Create Schedule" to save

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