Describes process for notifying users upon configurable events. For example, if a run of a specific procedure is completed, notify the production manager.

ION boasts a comprehensive notification system seamlessly integrated into the application's processes, offering both native functionality and user-configurable options through ION's API. For instance, imagine you're assigned to handle an approved issue disposition. In such cases, as the assignee, you'll promptly receive a toast notification (if you're actively using the application) and a notification within the designated notifications tab.

Toast notifications elegantly pop out from the upper left-hand corner of the interface, ensuring immediate visibility. ION diligently checks for toast notifications every 30 seconds, so you might experience a brief delay of up to 30 seconds before one appears.

To view all notifications in detail, simply navigate to the notification page by clicking the envelope icon in the top left corner and selecting "SHOW ALL."

When creating automations or integrating external systems, it's essential to keep users informed about pertinent events. ION's robust notification features empower you to do just that. Utilize the dispatchNotification mutation to craft custom notifications. Refer to the following example for guidance:

mutation notification($input:DispatchNotificationInput!){
  dispatchNotification(input: $input){

Query Variables:

  "input": {
    "userId": 3660,
    "notificationType": "WARNING",
    "description": "Purchase order versioned and PDF file generated. Please refresh.",
    "title": "PO Versioned & PDF Generated",
    "linkText": "This is the link",
    "path": ""

Explanation of Query Variables:

  • userId: Specifies the ID of the user to whom you want to send the notification.

  • notificationType: Defines the type of notification being dispatched. In this case, "WARNING" signifies a critical notification.

  • description: Provides a brief description of the notification's content, informing users about the specific event or action taken.

  • title: Sets the title of the notification, which is displayed prominently in the toast notification.

  • linkText: Indicates the text to be displayed as the link within the notification page, directing users to further details or actions.

  • path: Specifies the URL path users will be directed to when clicking either the toast notification or the notification within the application.

For clarity, here's a brief overview of notification types within ION:

  • EXTERNAL (BLUE): Indicates notifications originating from external systems, typically used for general updates.

  • SIGNOFF (YELLOW): Reserved for notifications requiring user attention or signoff.

  • WARNING (RED): Signals events that may not be favorable, ensuring users are promptly informed of potential issues.

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