mBOM versions

Control changes to mBOMs with versions, with statuses and approvals

What are mBOM versions?

mBOM versions allow for many mBOMs per part revision. mBOM versions do not go across part revisions. If a new part revision is created, it will always start as mBOM version 1.

Use mBOM versions when needing to introduce controlled changes to the mBOM in the same way that procedure versions are used. Like procedure versions, mBOM versions have a status (Draft, In review, Released, Archived). Approvals can be added to mBOM versions when progressing to Released. They use role-based approvals and individuals or teams can be requested to review.

mBOM versions are feature-flagged and we can turn it off/on for you environment.

Creating a new mBOM version

If a new part revision is created, it will generate a draft mBOM (version 1) from the previous part revision. For a newly created blank part, an mBOM version will be created as you start to populate the mBOM.

If there is already a released version of an mBOM for a given part number, a new version can be created from the status dropdown (as shown below):


From draft, the status of the mBOM version can be updated with the status button dropdown. From there, reviews can be requested as shown below. Reviewers will approve in the same way by clicking on the Reviews button.

Required approvers

Required approvers can be configured through the API only (for now).

mutation CreateMBomApprovalRole($input: CreateMBomApprovalRoleInput!) {
  createMbomApprovalRole(input: $input) {
    approvalRole {

  "input": {
    "roleId": 3,
    "count": 1,
    "gateType": "RELEASED"

In the above example, it will require 1 approval from roleId 3 before the mBOM version can be released.

aBOMs/Autoplan logic

When an inventory is created for a given part number/revision, it will create aBOM requirements based on the latest released mBOM version. If there are only draft mBOM versions, then it will use the latest draft mBOM.

Autoplan uses the same logic to determine the mBOM version that it should use to drive demand.

For now, the mBOM tree view will also use this logic to determine which parts to show.


Below shows a list of rules related to mBOM versions:

  • An mBOM version can go from released to draft only if no aBOMs have been created from that mBOM

  • Multiple mBOM versions for a part/revision CAN be in draft at the same time

  • mBOMs can only be approved while the mBOM version is in an in review status

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