Reorder point

Generate suggestions to order (plan items) based on supply quantities


In many situations, it is probably best to order based on demand/project signals. However, there are certain parts, such as some consumables or fasteners, where it makes much more sense to order based on the amount in inventory. These parts may not have accurate mBOMs or a clear understanding of how much will be needed per instance, so they can be great candidates for reorder point.

When setting your reorder point, you will likely want to take into account things like consumption rates and the cost of the part. There is always the risk when ordering like this that you may over-order, so you will want to take care in managing this data.

How to setup a reorder point

Within the part library, there is an option to set a minimum and maximum under the Reorder point heading.

The minimum represents the supply quantity that will trigger Autoplan to create a plan item to order more. Supply quantity in this context means qty available in inventory + quantity on order + quantity in wip.

When this plan item is generated, it will have a quantity for the maximum reorder point quantity - supply quantity.

The start date of the plan item will be today and the due date will be today + the part leadtime. Note that this can change if there is demand for the part and the plan item gets allocated to it.

Finally, these reorder point values can also be set via the parts importer.

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