Command Bar

The command bar is a way to navigate with ION. It can be opened from any screen within ION with the button combination CTRL+K on Windows/Linux or ⌘+K on Mac. Alternatively, click on the magnifying glass in the sidebar.

Navigate the command bar using the arrow keys and use Enter to select. You can use use close the command bar by clicking out of the popup, hitting the same key combination or by using the Escape key.

Command List

After opening the command bar you will be presented with a list of commands. Click See More in the top right hand corner to see the full list of commands. Navigate to any command using the mouse or keyboard.

The key combinations shown on each command are keyboard shortcuts. They can be executed without having to open the command bar.

The command bar also supports keyword search of ION objects like Runs, Procedures, Issues and Parts. The search function is triggered automatically after typing.

Help Docs

Scroll through the Help section of the command bar to see all the manual entries at

You can also directly search the ION manual by typing your query into the command bar.

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