Content steps are for written instructions. The content box supports text formatting features like colors, lists, fonts, pictures and tables.

When using tables in steps, we recommend setting them up in Google Sheets and pasting them in. Using Excel is not as reliable because formatting isn't copied over, but the content will still work.

Dynamic Media

Use the dynamic media editor to make complicated diagrams with pictures, arrows and callouts. Unlike making diagrams with external programs, dynamic media in steps is not "baked in" can be edited at any time.


In addition to written instructions, procedure editors can also add data collection fields. Data collection fields can be filled out in Runs when they are created from Procedures. Fields can be named, reordered and set as required or optional. See the Fields page for a full list of data types that can be collected.


Assets are miscellaneous files that can be added for reference in a step.

Pictures inserted into step content are automatically added to assets

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