Independent schedules

Toggle the independence of schedules to form schedule hierarchies

There is now an Independent flag on schedules (plan inputs). This will always be turned on by default. When on, the schedule will drives its own demand.

When it is turned off, the schedule is able to peg up to a different schedule. This can be on the same plan or a different one.

The mBOM for the above part (part A) looks like this:

If we were to schedule part C and turn off its independent flag, it can now get allocated up through the part A chain. A new plan has been created plan 11 with that setup.

Now, looking back at the results on Plan #10.

You can see that the schedule part C, Plan #11 has been allocated to the demand from part B. The date is set to 1/17/24 (from Plan #11). All demand below that part will drive from that date.

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