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Integrate ION notifications with Slack and Gov Slack
Skip to the Set Up below for instructions on how to deploy or reconfigure this integration.
Demo of Slack notifications in action
Get notified in Slack of ION events to close the loop on critical issues and help your factory move faster. Any notification in ION can be output to Slack, allowing teams to bring users back to ION at key moments. This is important for onboarding new team members who need to develop the habit of using ION on a daily basis.
If a user is subscribed to a certain ION object and that object changes state, a user is mentioned in a comment, or assigned a task, ION will notify that user directly in Slack.
For example, if as user is mentioned are mentioned (@Alice) in a comment in ION that will send a direct message to Alice in Slack with a link back to ION where the location that the mention came from.
Examples of notification types within ION

Notification Types

ION has many notification types to configure - see the list below or reference the NotificationTypeEnum in the GraphQL API explorer. Your organization can choose to add these below notification types as values to the integration, which will then allow the integration to send them to Slack. See step 6 in the Set up section below on how to configure your organization Slack notifications.
Keyword in Slack Integration
The user is requested to approve an ION object, like a Purchase, Standard Step or Redline
Someone commented on an object a user is subscribed to.
The user is assigned to an approval request for an Issue
The user is assigned to an Issue
An Issue is created on an object subscribed by the user.
An Issue the user is subscribed to changes state
The user is @ mentioned in a comment
The user is assigned to a Kit
A Kit the user is subscribed to changes state
A Procedure the user is subscribed to is released
A Procedure the user is subscribed to changes state
A user approved a Procedure.
The user is requested to review a Procedure
The user is assigned to a Run
The user is assigned to a step in a Run
A Run step the user is subscribed to changes status
The user is requested to sign off a field in a Run.

Set up

  1. 1.
    Navigate to the Integrations page designated by the two arrows in the bottom lefthand corner of your screen.
    Select Integrations in the Bottom Left Hand Corner
  2. 2.
    Select Slack integration instance from the marketplace, and hit Configure.
  3. 3.
    Hit Next and add your API credentials. You can find documentation on API credentials here API Keys
    • IMPORTANT: Each API Key is associated with a specific environment, be sure to generate the API keys from the correct environment and configure the automation to the designated environment.
      Set your Environment According to Where the API Keys were Generated
  4. 4.
    Connect with Slack to download the application
  5. 5.
    Scroll down to where you can Add value.
  6. 6.
    Here, you can type in the notifications you want your organization to receive from the list above or hit the trash button to delete types you do not want to receive. By default, all of the notifications are turned on. Be sure to add them in lowercase!