Deploy configurable automations to speed up your factory according to your organizational needs.

Please contact your First representative or for details on activating the Automation tab as seen below or if you are interested in building your own automations. Once activated, use the Set Up below for instructions on how to deploy this integration.

First Resonance has created automations based on the needs from our customer to help automate their factory operations. These automations are event or schedule triggered. The events trigger are based on actions that occur on ION objects such as the creation of an issue, or when a run step is updated as it is completed. Our automations leverage our API and Webhooks functionalities, giving us the power and flexibility we need to build these quickly.

Set Up

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page designated by the two arrows in the bottom lefthand corner of your screen.

  2. Select any of the automations designated by the Automations category and hit Configure.

  3. Click next and add your ION API credentials and be sure to set your environment correctly. You can find documentation on API credentials here API Keys

    • IMPORTANT: Each API Key is associated with a specific environment, be sure to generate the API keys from the correct environment and configure the automation to the designated environment

  4. Set up any additional configuration details as required per automation.

Warning Logs

In some instances you may want to be notified when an integration fails due to set up errors or if data was not configured correctly in both systems. For example, with a Netsuite integration, you need to ensure suppliers match in both systems. However, the integration will surface a warning log when the suppliers do not match. In that case, navigate to the instance of the automation/integration you deployed through the marketplace and view the logs. Than Filter the logs to Warn to see when an integration ran into an issue.

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