Firm plan items

Firm the plan item when it's not ready for a purchase or run


There is an option to firm plan items. This is used to progress the item forward even if it's not ready to convert into a purchase order or run.

Some use cases for firming include:

  • The part is actively being sourced to a supplier

  • The drawing is not released yet

  • The procedure is not released yet

Comment and assignees

One of the major benefits of firming a plan item is that you can now leave comments and assignees. Once the plan item is firm, the line will turn grey and you'll see an option for assigning a user or adding/viewing comments (see below).

Rules for firm plan items

  1. Firm plan items will always carry forward to the next autoplan job until they are either "unfirmed" or converted into a purchase or run

  2. Even if an item no longer has demand, it will carry forward every time autoplan executes

  3. Firm plan items are allocated after inventory and runs/pos

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