Scheduling runs

How to schedule runs in ion and view your factory schedule

Scheduling and assigning a run

Runs have multiple steps. Each step is can be unique and will have their own lead time and schedule. In the summary view for a run (Runs -> Click on a run), you can schedule each step's start and end schedule, along with a lead time.

If the run start time and end time are not set but individual steps in the run have start and end times set, the run will automatically set its start and end times to the earliest start and the latest end.

Viewing production schedule

From the main Runs view, click on the Timeline button on the top. Here, you can see all of the runs scheduled in your factory in a Timeline. Below the chart, you can see unscheduled runs.

Clicking one of the items in the left column will pop out the right side and allow you to schedule the run. The timeline window will reflect your changes automatically.

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