Carbone Disclaimer

ION utilizes the third-party open source PDF generator, Carbone, for efficient PDF document creation via our API. Carbone is designed with privacy and security in mind, ensuring that data is not stored and is only used for report generation. Reports are automatically deleted immediately after download or within 1 hour, whichever comes first, to protect your information. For users requiring heightened data privacy, Carbone offers alternative hosting solutions such as On-Premise and AWS private cloud, details of which can be found at AWS Marketplace: Carbone.

Please note, Carbone is an independent entity, not maintained by ION. For support, updates, or security inquiries related to Carbone, please direct your questions to its open source community. ION ensures integration compatibility but does not assume liability for Carbone's functionality or security. Users are encouraged to review Carbone's licensing and documentation for a complete understanding of its application within our services.

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