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What is ION?

ION is the Factory OS for next-generation hardware companies. It allows you to manage your dynamic manufacturing process and have traceability from design through delivery. It also puts the power in your hands. With ION's modern interfaces, individual teams can understand and plan the manufacturing workflow and stay on track for the company's overall product delivery goals.

How can I use ION?

ION is for anyone working in, upstream from, or downstream from the manufacturing process. Below are some ways that you can use ION, based on your role.

Design Engineering

If you are a design engineer that spends time designing hardware and specifications for how hardware is going to be built or tested, you can use ION to manage your build and test procedures for use in manufacturing. While you might not be in the factory day in and day out, ION lets you rest easy knowing which procedures are being used in production because version and change control is built into procedures. See version control for details.

Production Technicians and Operators

ION is the technician and operator's daily tool. Technicians and operators can get to work fast on delivering value to the company's product right from the ION dashboard. The dashboard presents the day's work, in priority order, and assigned to you. It also lets you and your team plan its workflow by assigning runs and work based on bandwidth, priority, and skills. Technicians can also communicate issues on the floor directly within ION instead of having to hunt down supervisors.

Manufacturing Engineering

ION allows manufacturing engineers to manage the flow of the manufacturing process with powerful scheduling and resource management. Rather than spending precious time reacting to downtime, issues tickets, and engineering requests, ION allows manufacturing engineers to spend time coordinating and optimizing the manufacturing flow and gathering meaningful insights to help improve the overall product design.

Quality Engineering

ION provides a data platform that allows Quality Engineers with the data they need to analyze manufacturing quality and create actionable insights for upstream design and process improvements. Rather than wrangling disparate datasets from different teams, ION gives access to both engineering (torque, voltages) and production data (shifts, machines, sensors) so that Quality engineers can analyze and create actionable insights for their company.

Purchasing and Supply Chain Specialists

Purchase parts, manage inventory, and send components into the manufacturing process in the same system building your parts. Supply chain specialists can manage suppliers and ensure high quality using rich data from the factory floor.


ION Analytics creates a standard interface for your analysts to quickly pull data, build reports, and signal high-level issues directly to managers and bottom-line business owners.

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