Datum Source and ION have partnered to seamlessly integrate our two platforms, transforming how procurement is managed for complex hardware. We’ve built this integration to streamline procurement operations and enhance how your existing manufacturing and production processes interact with your supply chain.

Integration Information

From a high level, ION is your source of truth for inventory, and to get inventory into the system you need to receive purchase orders. Datum handles all functions related to the sourcing process including requisitions, managing and interacting with suppliers, quoting, approvals, and open-order updates. ION remains the source of truth for parts but the integration enables those parts to sync to Datum on release. Once the sourcing process is complete and the quote is approved in Datum, the integration creates a draft purchase order in ION. From there you can either issue the purchase order through the Datum supplier portal or continue to submit purchase orders using ION (check out the Automatically Send Purchases to Suppliers automation to streamline your purchasing process).

After the PO is submitted, expected delivery dates can be updated in Datum which will automatically update the line item ETA on the ION purchase order. Post-receipt functions like billing will still be handled by your financial management software (see Quickbooksfor an example)

Future functionality of the integration will include ION's Autoplan feature pushing plan items to Datum as new requisitions, further enabling your purchasing team to operate efficiently.

Integration Setup

  1. In ION, navigate to the Integrations page designated by the two arrows in the bottom lefthand corner of your screen.

  2. Search for and select the Datum integration and then press Configure

  3. Add your ION API keys which can be obtained by following API Keys. Make sure to get API keys for the environment you are setting this integration up in. For example, if you are setting this up in sandbox you will need execute the API key instructions in sandbox.

  4. Add your Datum API key which can be obtained in your Datum admin account page > Developer Tab

  5. Please reach out to Datum at matt@datumsource.com for the rest of the Datum side of the integration setup.

  6. Select UAT or Production to determine which Datum environment you will receive data from.

  7. Press finish.

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