Weekly update for fixes or improvements in ion



  • Request a signoff from Run execution and send a notification to get signoffs quicker

  • Improved reviews workflow with comments at the step level, resolutions, and better notifications.

  • Create part revisions in the parts library

  • Define custom attributes for parts in your organization

  • Increment non-serialized inventory after run completion based on the quantity of the run

  • Subscribe to Procedures and Runs to get the latest updates on reviews, completions, or failures

  • New run creation workflow that allows for bulk run creation

  • New notifications dashboard and alerts

  • New statuspage that you can subscribe to and keep up to date with any ion uptime issues

  • Group multi-quantity aBOM entries for easier aBOM construction in run execution

  • Documentation on connecting ion to your analytics workflow at


  • Fixed finicky behavior between parts library and parts inventory pages

  • Copy procedure labels when copying a procedure

  • Allow attachment field types to be cleared in the execution interface

  • Fix parts bulk importer duplicate part creation

  • Fix issue that was cutting off field options in run execution

  • Allow toggling a procedure's export control even after the procedure is released (required export permission)

  • Allow attaching files during redline

  • Fix issue preventing downstream steps to be in a stuck state after redline

  • Enforce procedure title uniqueness

  • Allow clearing bollean fields during run execution

  • Fix workcenter filter in the run timeline view



  • Check in/out for granular time-tracking per step

  • Email notifications in Compliant Cloud instance

  • Export-control restrictions on procedures, parts, and runs allow you to control access to export restricted users (ion Enterprise)

  • Redlining interface functionality and appearance now matches the procedure editor

  • Allow deleting a part that has never been used for a run

  • Find archived runs in the run timeline and table views


  • Only show procedures in review status in the "Waiting for your review" dashboard widget

  • Fix the reviewer dropdown selector when using keyboard

  • Fixes for the ion-importers for bulk part, inventory, and BOM imports

  • Fixed adding validation fields in redline



  • New setting to ensure the person signing off on a step did not perform other work on the step

  • Allow fulfilling a kit for a multi-quantity run, i.e. if each part in a qty 5 run requires 1 screw, you can add 5 screws to the kit

  • Allow changing the name of a run after it has been created

  • Show validation conditions (e.g. Must be less than 5 ft-lb) during execution before validation check

  • Added a shortcut to quickly copy a field within a step

  • Show part descriptions and inventory location in kitting and in mBOM creation

  • Adjustable column settings in the inventory manager

  • Improve performance on procedure page to make it a smoother experience

  • Beta API for granular change history for runs, procedures, parts, and more (available via the timeline attribute)

  • Enforce minimum tracking level at the part level (serial, lot)

  • Enforce MFA (multi-factor auth) setting now available in user settings

  • Change a workcenter for a step to re-route work

  • Added more encryption settings to database for added security

  • Ongoing changes to new editor (in beta)


  • Fixed file attachment issue in procedures

  • Fixed user load errors in organization member settings with a long list of users

  • Fix issue that cleared aBOM value when replacing an installed part

  • Fix issue where run was not loading after creation

  • Fixed loading run timeline page with old direct links



  • New flow for moving a part to inventory after the run is complete

  • Notify user when they've been assigned to a step

  • Move the mBOM to the primary parts sidebar view

  • Improved sorting and grouping in part inventory view

  • Automatically move to next step after completing one

  • Clarify the quantity selection during kitting process

  • Clarify operation and steps in technician view with more indentation

  • New SolidWorks BOM importer at

  • Further restrictions on Compliant Cloud access permissions for Compliant Cloud customers


  • Fix caching issue between kitting and aBOM builder views

  • Fix single sign-on (SSO) flow

  • Fix issue with validation type selection

  • Fix part numbers in prepared kit

  • Clarify error when a step fails to move to another part of the procedure

  • Show preview for attached images rather than link

  • Fix thumbnail preview in parts sidebar

  • Clarify "installed" and "WIP" selectors in inventory view

  • Remove duplicate users and missing users in Members panel

  • Fix the invite link to point to the correct application environment

  • Show local timezone timestamps (instead of UTC) in execution view



  • Overhauled inventory manager with powerful grouping (part, lot, location) and filters (WIP, installed, and more)

  • Specify the quantity for a run build (cannot be >1 if there is a serialized part associated with the run)

  • Autogenerate a new serial (sequential) number in the run creation flow

  • Streamline the kitting operation to show available quantity and filter out already-allocated inventory

  • Quickly see the % of an aBOM that is completed in the run execution screen

  • Begin step button is now at the top of the step

  • Upload multiple files at a time in the run execution view (batch upload)

  • Links to the part from the run summary screen, link to runs from inventory

  • Hide child steps until a parent is selected in the procedure view to avoid having to scroll through a very long list of steps and child steps

  • More helpful browser tab names based on your location in ion

  • Default serial-tracked items in inventory to have UOM of "each"

  • Added a sign up button to allow new users to quickly sign up for ion

  • Improved security with separate TLS certificates across public and GovCloud environments


  • Fix jumpy cursor problem in procedures and parts

  • Do not allow nesting child steps further than 1 level

  • Commenting on a procedure review after an approval/rejection does not reset the approvals for that reviewer

  • Only show that an aBOM node was updated by a user if the part was installed

  • Fixed issue where removing and replacing an aBOM item cleared the aBOM node

  • Disallow moving a step to be within a parent step if has a dependency in the steps

  • Fix issue where user was not being sent to the login page if they were not authenticated

  • Fixed issue where uploads were occasionally failing

  • Fixed bug that prevented setting the workcenter in a procedure step

  • Fixed backend data integrity issues resulting in orphaned steps

  • Fix issue that was not displaying the parent location of a workcenter in the locations manager



  • Added a new AWS GovCloud ion endpoint for Compliant Cloud customers (ITAR compliance)

  • Improve navigation and UI for aBOM viewer

  • Part kitting! Allocate inventory for a run, and automate inventory decrement

  • Delete a draft procedure that has never been used been used in a run

  • Added a prefix to indicate child steps as parent_step.child_step in procedures

  • Disallow duplicate field names within a step to help data queryability


  • Fields are now automatically saved when inputting information in runs

  • Fix issue with cutoff run timeline

  • Fix issue where step titles are cut off in procedures on narrow resolution screens (iPad)

  • Fix issues when saving number fields during a run

  • Fix issue that disallowed modifying fields while redlining

  • Fix issue that caused a bouncy cursor on procedures steps and titles



  • aBOM builder and visualizer allows you to install parts during build and view your assembly in the visualizer (beta)

  • SQL analytics for reporting and creating dashboards

  • View signoffs pending your approval in your todos list

  • Added security using proactive detection and auditing (beta)

  • Improved UX in the new inventory manager


  • Allow child steps to be upgraded to parents steps and parent steps to become nested in child steps

  • Fix image loading issue for images in the content editor

  • UI fixes for execution interface

  • Fix issues UI with long titles



  • Data field validations for setting numerical limits to fields (less than, greater than, equal to) and automatically creating an issue for an out of bound validation

  • New inventory manager with serial and lot-level tracking

  • Allow assigning individual steps to users in run steps

  • Improved platform infrastructure for scalable usage and security

  • Improved product tours for new users


  • Show child steps when a step is expanded in the run summary view

  • Allow copying steps at child step level

  • Reduce overly-eager saving on procedures when viewing them



  • Add labels and procedures and personalize your procedures dashboard by setting filters on labels

  • Allow workspace admins to de/activate accounts in their workspace

  • Send notification to all users when a procedure has moved back to review

  • Allow searching by part description when creating a run

  • Only allow child steps to start if its prior sibling is complete

  • Link issues from run execution and summary views

  • Changed link format for procedures and runs to include step ID instead of position

  • Show the number of child steps as a badge for a step in the run execution view

  • Allow admins to delete locations that are not referenced in procedures or inventory


  • Fix redlining flow to allow redlines during "hold"

  • Fix workcenter data issue that required refresh to see the latest

  • Fix intermittent upload errors



  • Add Issues for tracking non-conformances, and trigger issues from runs screen (beta)

  • Add nested steps to procuedures and runs for better grouping of logical build, assembly, and test steps

  • Add workcenters to procedure steps

  • Allow filtering runs by workcenters in Run Timeline


  • Fixed issue that prevented locations from being created without geolocation

  • Use native datetime input when using iPad to input dates during run data collection

  • Fixed issue that prevented procedures from being released after reviewers are removed



  • Do not display steps from archived procedure when copying steps to a new procedure

  • Add comments to a procedure even while it's in draft

  • Keep your review notes as you move through the procedure

  • Extend procedure review notes allowable length

  • Improved run timeline reliability and UI colors to indicate statuses and failures

  • Improved dashboard panel design

  • Improved reliability and performance for file uploads

  • Allow attaching files to completed steps in runs

  • Improved error messages when exceeding max field limits, duplicate data, and more

  • Warn users to not use Internet Explorer to ensure reliable application experience

  • Improved API documentation located at: API and examples


  • Send notification to procedure creator when procedure is approved/rejected

  • Fixes to ensure reliability of step dependencies in procedures and runs

  • Fix to allow user to clear the date in a datetime field

  • Fixed issue where the latest version did not appear in the version sidebar on creation



  • mBOM panel in run execution view shows the mBOM for the associated part

  • Part number for run and overall run duration in run summary

  • Run Timeline view is now the main view for runs

  • Admins can now archive runs, so they do not appear in the runs list

  • Allow steps that do not have a dependency on a redlined or failed step to continue on execution

  • Collapse assets in the run execution view to declutter the execution workflow

  • Status page to show system status now available at

  • Improved Runs table view with search

  • Ability to download attachments in execution view


  • Improved search for runs

  • Short-term fix where tables crash procedures

  • Fixed procedure reviewer settings issue in organization settings

  • Fixed assignments in timeline sidebar panel



  • Allow reordering fields in the procedure editor

  • Moved fields to the right of the editor to improve access to fields when building a procedure

  • When creating a run, sort procedures by version, and indicate the latest version for that procedure

  • Show run description and origin procedure in the Run Timeline view

  • Display the run ID in the timeline, list, and board views


  • Application stability and uptime fixes

  • Remove notifications for users, if they are the user taking an action (e.g. don't receive a notification when you approve a procedure)

  • Display local times in run summary (instead of UTC)

  • Fixed Etag issues that caused choppy and inconsistent procedure-building experience

  • Fixed login issue that made you re-login during an active session



  • New dashboard with more information on things you care about: Recent activity on the floor, recent problems, your own metrics, and more

  • Added new "Clone" button to procedures

  • Allow leaving comments in review without an explicit approval or rejection

  • Added descriptions to GraphQL API documentation in the API explorer


  • Fixed slow and choppy data collection in execution interface

  • Fixed issue that cut off procedure titles in the procedure editor

  • Fixed issue when removing attachments from the content editor

  • Fixed issue that cut off content on smaller screens (e.g. iPad)

  • Fixed issue that allowed archiving only procedures in draft

  • Pushed a fix to significantly improve data load times



  • Pro: Advanced redlining with additional steps and modifiable dependencies

  • Move to

  • More notifications for procedure approval and release

  • Improved organization settings and user management


  • Autocomplete search in steps and procedures are now case-insensitive, making it easier to find what you're looking for

  • Got rid of problematic issue that showed empty error message

  • Pro: Signoff completion fixes

  • Fixed authentication flow and email verification reminder



  • Add tables to procedure content editor

  • Quickly copy steps from existing procedures when creating a new step in a procedure

  • Added email notifications. See Notification settings for a list of notifications

  • Cancel run steps and put runs on hold

  • Enforce engineer and technician authorization over procedures and runs, respectively

  • Show run executor a message when completing a run

  • Add color formatting to procedure content editor


  • Restore ability to start a redline on a failed step

  • Maintain image aspect ration when using drag & drop resizing



  • New Run Timeline view (Gantt) to help visualize the factory floor

  • Don't display archived procedures by default in the procedures screen

  • Pro: Allow updating signoff fields when redlining a step

  • Improved Review/approval UI to clarify the review process for procedure builders


  • Pro: Show signoff data in the Run Summary view, including the signer and timestamp

  • Fix content formatting to wrap at the word instead of letter

  • Show full file attachment names in the Parts Manager

  • Allow removing a run assignment (clear assignment)

  • Fixed embedded and linked videos display in procedure editor



  • Pro: Sign off field type to enforce sign off by someone with a given role (e.g. Quality Inspector sign off)

  • Show inventory quantity for a part in main Parts manager table


  • Fixed missing timestamps in the run summary export CSV

  • Fixed issue with overlapping names in filters menu

  • Fixed Reviews label in procedures to show the number approved reviews over total request reviews

  • Fixed issue with reordering steps while viewing the step dependency graph

  • Removed the ability to delete a video from the technican view, which caused errors



  • Introduced Unit of Measurement to parts inventory

  • Introduced weekly email reports for user and organization statistics


  • Prevent user from sending a procedure to "released" without going to review first

  • Fixed issue preventing deleting multiple fields

  • Fix crashing run when deleting a video in the technician interface

  • Fixed buggy behavior when deleting or modifying fields in procedures



  • Download files from fields at step attachments. If it is an image, preview the image in the app (ID-419)

  • Backend stability and security (ID-315)


  • Etag warnings fixed (ID-437)

  • Images not displaying correctly from procedures to runs (ID-435)

  • Allow failing a step even if required fields are not populated (ID-423)

  • Allow moving a step from failed back to todo (ID-420)

  • Part creation and access fixed (ID-315)

  • Do not allow a procedure to go straight to released (require review) (ID-421)