Outside Processing

Outside Processing is now enabled in ION.

Many parts require a process, such as anodization or heat treatment, which may happen out of house. With ION's new outside processing functionality you can now mark your procedure steps as Outside Processing steps and send the part & the process out on a purchase order.

After marking a step as an "outside process" in a procedure, creating a run will show you some options for using the outside processing feature. If not in Beta, you'll see a screen like below. Clicking "here" will take you to the Runs Beta and show you the outside process options.

Once in the beta view, you can select a purchase order or or create a new purchase order to perform the outside process on.

Clicking "Create New Purchase Order" will automatically link it to the run. You'll also be able to see the live status of the PO in the same box.

Clicking the purchase order will navigate to the PO screen. The description of the PO line will tell you the source of that PO line.

Adding an outside process step on the fly:

If you decide that an existing run requires an outside process you can add in an outside process step via redline. This functionality is only available via the beta runs view.

  1. Go to the step in the run that you would like to add an outside process step after

  2. Put the step in redline and add a step

  3. In the new step creation screen, type in your step name and click the "Is Outsourcing Process" boolean to true. You can also select an existing outside process step or standard step

  4. Press save.

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