ION Factory OS


Manage your organization and user settings in ion

User settings

Click the settings cog in the main sidebar of ION. Clicking into the User submenu, you can modify your user settings. This includes your avatar and your name. Setting these will help your team identify you throughout ION.

Organization settings

Organization admins can modify the organization's settings, including the organization's avatar and name.

Members and roles

As an organization admin, you can set the roles for the members of your company using ION. Admins can add "engineer" or "technician" roles to users. The "engineer" role allows users to create and modify procedures, while the "technician" role allows the user to execute and complete runs. If you want a user to be able to do both, you can set both "engineer" and "technician" roles. Admins can also give other users admin permissions.


Here is a list of notifications emmitted by ION. Currently, ION supports email notifications.
  • Review requested: If you are a reviewer on a procedure, you are notified
  • Run assigned: If you are assigned to a run, you are notified
  • Run failed: If you created a run, and a step fails, you are notified