ION Tools can record assets and calibrated equipment in your factory. Tools are laid out in a very similar way to Parts with a few changes.

  • Tools are always serialized - there are no lot-tracked tools

  • Tool models can optionally have a maintenance interval and individual tools can have a last maintained date

  • Tools can be assigned a type used to group tools beyond part number. For example, all torque wrenches of different model numbers can be combined under a single "Torque Wrench" type. This is useful if you want to call out use of a tool in a Run but don't need a specific part number.

Maintenance Interval

The maintenance interval is set in the part in tool library and applies to all tool inventory using that part. The interval is entered with as a list of format {number}{unit} using the following unit shorthand:
















For example, entering an interval of "1d20m" means an inverval of 1 day and 20 minutes, or 1480 minutes

Tool Status

Tools have two statuses, Available and Unavailable.

If the tool has a maintenance interval and a last maintenance date, their maintenance status is calculated as Available depending if the next maintenance date is in the future. If the next maintenance date is in the past, the tool is Unavailable.

Tools located at an unavailable location are always unavailable.

Tool Barcodes

Printing barcodes and using tool barcodes works just like Part Inventory. Tools also share barcode templates with Inventory.

Tracking tool usage

Tool usage can be tracked by using a Tool Field on a step in a run. When a technician is working on the run they will fill out the tool field and create an auditable log of the tool's usage.

When creating the data collection field, you can set the field name and help text as usual. Selecting the Available checkbox limits valid tool input to tools with the available status.

Use the Validations menu to constrain what kind of tools are valid input. Acceptable validations are Type for multiple models of tools or Part Number for a specific model.

When executing a run, select the tool you are using from the list to complete the field.

Tools on Runs

Tools can be associated with Runs to inspect or maintain them. Associate a tool with a run just like you would a part during run creation.

Tools on Issues

Issues can be opened on tools just like part inventory. Tools will appear in the part inventory dropdown when creating or modifying an issue.

Tools on Kits

Tools can be used in Kits to move tools between different Locations, or to request tools in a specific area or to a specific user. Requesting or moving a tool works the same as requesting or moving inventory.

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