Supplier Part Numbers & Unit Conversions

Unit Conversions & Supplier Part Number

  • What are supplier part numbers and how do they affect unit conversions?

    • The new supplier part number feature will enable you to create relationships between ION parts and the suppliers they can be sourced from. Within this new screen, you can set up the relationship between part and supplier and also set a supplier part number, and a unit of measure conversion between the supplier part number and the ION part. Here is an example of what that supplier part number configuration screen could look like:

      In this example, the ION part has feet specified on it’s library record, which is the unit that will be used on an mBOM and ultimately consumed on an aBOM. The roll from Digikey has 100 Feet in it. When the buyer purchases the internal part they will have a new column called Supplier Part (shown below) which allows them to pick the supplier part number associated with that supplier <> ION part combination. In the case above, the buyer should populate the quantity of rolls, not feet, to be purchased. The inventory that is created will be converted automatically to feet and will show in the inventory screen as feet.

      This feature will enable purchasing teams to buy in aggregate quantities while allowing downstream activities to consume the proper amounts. Please reach out to us via intercom or respond to this email if you have questions.

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