Workcenter execution

A view focused around a single workcenter to streamline medium and high-volume work


Navigate to Workcenter execution from either the runs menu or from the location view. Select a workcenter and see all open steps (todo or in progress) in the left side panel.

Completing steps will automatically open the next step in the queue, allowing you to process work quickly within your workcenter.

Note: many links on this Beta release will point back to the current runs view. This will change over time as we continue to add content to this view.

Top bar

The top bar is part of our new design system which has some high level information such as notifications, some navigation, and a color scheme that is inspired by Andon lights.

When you check into any step, the top bar will turn a different color. If the total duration worked is less than the leadtime of the step, the color will be green. Otherwise, the color will turn orange.

Within the top bar, the steps checked in by you will be shown with navigation to easily check out of the step.

Step queue (left side panel)

The left side panel shows a queue of steps that can be sorted by a number of different options. This panel can be collapsed as desired. Only steps that are in progress or todo will be shown here.

Content (center)

The center of the screen features 3 sections:

  • Step header: shows information about the step with links to the run

  • Inventory card: if an inventory is linked to the run, it will display here. Use the links to go to the part library or the inventory.

  • Work instructions: shows the work instruction content

Right side panel

This section mirrors what is currently shown on run execution. There is one addition here with parts that will show which parts are required to be installed at this step. This is largely a placeholder at the moment and will have much more functionality in the near future.

  • Create issue: quickly create new issues

  • Action buttons: take action to start, check-in/out, complete, and fail steps from the bottom bar

  • Deliver to: displays a location for where the following step in the run takes place based on defined dependencies.

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