Single Sign-On (SSO)

Azure AD

1. Open a support ticket and provide your domain information

You can set up your organization to sign in to ion using your Azure AD. Contact First Resonance support with the following information and follow the subsequent steps to confirm your connection.

  • Your Azure AD Domain address (e.g.

  • A list of email domains that should be enabled with login to ION (,,, etc). Any of the emails with these associated domains will trigger the ION authentication flow to authenticate with your AD.

2. Register the application in your AD

  • In your Azure AD panel, go to Azure Active Directory App RegistrationsNew Application.

  • (Optional) For supported account types, select the domain that you prefer for your Azure AD services

  • Enter the below line as a Web type for Redirect URI:

  • Take note of the client ID and client secret values

  • Send the values to the First Resonance support team.

3. Confirm credential exchange and test connection

Once the support ticket confirms, test your connection by going to the application. Signing in with your provided domains, users should be able to type in their Azure-associated email address and see something similar to this before completing authentication with your Azure AD identity provider;


1. Open a support ticket

Open a support ticket with First Resonance, as described in the Azure AD section above

2. Set up ADFS using provided values

Follow the instructions for manual set up, per Auth0's documentation here:

The values required for First Resonance authentication are as follows:

  • Realm Identifier: urn:auth0:firstresonance

  • Endpoint:

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