Run Execution Overview

This page outlines all of the changes in IONs new run execution view, rolled out 4/24/24.

For a walkthrough of the new streamlined features in run execution, check out this walkthrough:

Our plan will be to entirely replace our legacy view of ION with the new and improved Runs 2.0. The emphasis of this new version is to deliver performance and intuitive workflows for technicians, who have the highest touch point and throughput needs in ION. 2.0 will ensure that the software works for your production teams, and does not slow them down. Below is a list of improvements we have made and will continue to improve upon.

  1. Performance: Throughout the new execition, performance is embedded in every transaction. Try loading a large content step, or quickly updating a series of values in a datagrid and comparing that to the legacy view. You will see in many places up to 10x performance increases.

  2. File Viewer: View PDFs and image file types right in the application without having to download by clicking on the image's thumbnail to pull up the file viewer. You can flip through different images and pages in a PDF.

  3. Finger-Friendly Sizing: Our goal is for technicians who are using iPads or other touchscreen devices to be able to quickly and confidently interact with ION without being worried about clicking the wrong button or worse, inputting the wrong value into ION. We made buttons and interactions on Runs 2.0 much larger to assist.

  4. Action Bar: The action bar now reacts to the state of the step at any given time. For example, if the step is in TODO, you will see a Start button which will bring the step in progress and check you in automatically. We utilized this opportunity to eliminate the confusion of beginning a step and checking in. There is always an overflow menu that allows you to perform less frequent actions.

  5. Check In Status Bar: Now at all times if you are checked into any run step from the color of the top bar in ION. If it's green, you have an estimated labor time remaining on that run step. If's orange, you are out of estimated labor time on that run step. In addition, there is a new pop up that shows you all steps you have checked into for easy check out and navigation purposes.

  1. Run Execution and Run Summary are combined: Frustrated with having to navigate to the run summary to change the location or assignee of a run step, view kits, see redline history and merge, etc.? This is now all accessible directly at the top of the run execution screen. It is hidden by default, but can be accessible by clicking the expand button!

  2. Expanded Issue Creation: The issue creation pop-up now allows you to assign users and add information for all of the attributes your organization has configured for issues. Combined with ION actions, you can now ensure that information is captured on every issue.

  3. Batch Improvements: The run step now correctly identifies the quantity of runs you are impacting when working on a batched operation. In addition, you can add a run directly to an existing batch or create a new batch with our new Batch pop-up. Scroll on right on the step header to view this.

  1. Digital Run Step QR Code: You can use the digital QR code on every run step to quickly send the URL to multiple team members or have a team of technicians quickly scan the barcode to check in on their mobile device to ensure accurate labor hours or an inspector can scan the barcode to signoff on a quality inspection on their mobile device instead of carrying around a laptop or tablet. You will need to login on your phone just as you would on any device.

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