Further Actions - CAPA

How Can You Handle CAPA Programs within ION

The issue ticket is the most intimate connection to the manufacturing floor due to its position within ION Factory OS. This connection allows ION issue tickets to be automatically populated with details such as associated parts, process, responsible teams, and supplier-related documentation. With all this information in one place, the responsible engineer in charge of resolving the issue can quickly determine the disposition for the issue, including identifying the root cause of the non-conformance. Flow continues in ION through a redlining process that captures what corrective actions need to be made to fix this occurrence. The last step is relating those corrective actions to further preventative actions. Preventative actions empower manufacturers to enact comprehensive changes to their processes or communicate effectively to resolve supplier-related issues.

First Resonance continues to bolster it's ability to handle all aspects of quality within ION and has plans to handle further actions in Q2 of 2024. For a quicker solution, given that preventative actions frequently involve project-related tasks aimed at enhancing capabilities, an integration between project management platforms like Jira and ION facilitates seamless communication across the entire quality process. This integration passes bi-directional information on disposition, ticket status, and hold status to keep the manufacturing floor and continuous improvement project teams aligned. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR CAPA HANDLED IN ION IN Q2 2024.

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