Made on Assembly (MOA)

Design your mBOM to build multiple levels of an assembly on the same process


  • Toggle MOA on the mBOM via the part library

  • Build multiple levels of the aBOM via the aBOM side panel

  • Part inventories are autogenerated for the MOA part when the aBOM is created (if serial-tracked, serial number is autogenerated, otherwise will autogenerate a lot number)

MOA in aBOMs

Defining as assembly as Made on Assembly will allow you to build the aBOM for that assembly while building the parent.

In the example below the wheel assembly has been set to be MOA in the mBOM.

The expanded mBOM for the car assembly looks like this:

When a run is created for the car assembly (part number 12345-01-01) and the aBOM is opened, you'll notice 2 things:

  1. An inventory item has been created with an auto-generated lot number for the Made on Assembly (MOA) part.

  2. You can install the children for the wheel the assembly. This allows you to build multiple levels of the aBOM in one process!

From here, you can proceed to install components as usual.

MOA in kits

When kitting an assembly that has MOA assemblies, MOA parts are not included in the kit, but their children are.

This kit was generated from the same mBOM as above. Notice how the wheel assembly is not an item, but the tire and wheel hub parts are.

Made on Assembly philosophy

The reason that we construct multiple levels of the aBOM for MOA parts is so that you can remove MOA assemblies easily.

For instance, in the example above, if you were to remove the wheel assembly later on after it had been built, its children would also come with it. If we were to flatten the BOM to include the children parts, you would have to remove each child part (tire and wheel hub) individually.

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