Arena PLM Integration

Establish Arena as the source of truth for product/component metadata, and bill of materials (BOM), while ION parts remain up to date with changes made in Arena with no manual intervention. This integration eliminates the extra effort it typically takes to manually import part details and BOM information into ION, which will help you create procedures and get to building faster.

Skip to the Integration Set up below for instructions on how to deploy or reconfigure this integration.

Arena Change Order Submission

Upon submitting a change within Arena, an event will be created to be processed by the integration. On the interval you set, the integration uploads the parts and associated attributes into ION. If applicable, for each top-level part the integration automatically generates a new draft mBOM version for that part, adds all of the components, and then releases that mBOM version in ION.

Integration Set up

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page designated by the two arrows in the bottom left corner of your screen.

  2. Select the Arena integration instance from the marketplace, and hit Configure.

  3. Hit Next and add your API credentials. You can find documentation on API credentials here API Keys

    • IMPORTANT: Each API Key is associated with a specific environment, be sure to generate the API keys from the correct environment and configure the automation to the designated environment.

  4. Configure the Arena PLM Connection using your Arena login credentials as seen below:

  5. Ensure the revisions schemes for your production and prototype parts are created in ION and the names inputted into the configuration screen.

  6. To finish the configuration, you can map the data between the two platforms by adding key value pairs for ION native attributes and custom attributes. The keys are ION fields and the values are Arena fields.

Arena Specific Setup:

To configure the arena side of the integration you need to create a trigger and an integration. To do this, you must have admin privileges

Creating the trigger

Press create new trigger and then create a trigger with the following attributes:

Creating the integration:

You will need to contact Arena support to create the integration. To request the integration from Arena support please do the following:

  1. Under the ? icon at upper right, select “Contact Support”

  2. Subject = “Request Outbound-Event Integration”

  3. Message = “Please create Outbount-Event Integration named “<insert name here>” in workspace “<insert workspace name here>”

We recommend that you acquire a machine integration user (cost ~$3k) and set up the integration with those user credentials. Talk to your Arena rep or use the "Contact Support" button above to acquire a machine account.

Future Improvements

File attachments and thumbnails from Arena are coming soon.

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