ION Assistant

Compose GraphQL queries, retrieve data and get your questions about ION answered more quickly.

The Assistant is currently in beta testing with a few select customers. It is not currently available to any Gov Cloud customers.

What is ION Assistant?

The ION Assistant is a cutting-edge Generative AI solution designed to assist ION users with a variety of tasks, including composing GraphQL queries and mutations, answering questions about ION, retrieving data, and handling other essential functions.

Getting started with the Assistant

To begin using the tool, locate the Assistant icon on the main page in the lower left corner.

After clicking the button, you'll be redirected to a page where you can ask your questions to the Assistant. But before exploring what the Assistant can do for you, let's first familiarize ourselves with the user interface.

To ask the Assistant a question, type it into the input box and press the 'Query' button (A). The assistant will take a moment to understand your question, compile all the necessary information, and provide an answer within 5 to 15 seconds. Depending on the type of answer, you will either see a GraphQL query or a formatted response (B). You can either copy the content of the response (C), or if it's a GraphQL query, you can run or edit it (D). If you appreciate the response, feel free to press the 'Thumbs Up' button. Conversely, if you believe the Assistant's response could be improved, let us know by clicking the 'Thumbs Down' button. We'd love to see your feedback! If you have some additional comments please use 'Submit feedback' option.

With the quick UI tour completed, let's dive into Assistant's capabilities!

What questions does the ION Assistant understand?

The ION Assistant is a general conversational chatbot. It can comprehend the same types of questions as ChatGPT, but it also possesses capabilities that other chatbots lack.

The assistant knows who you are. Each time you initiate a conversation, the assistant captures attributes of your ION account, such as your user ID. For example, try this question:

Tell me what issues are assigned to me

The chatbot will respond based on whether you have any assigned issues. If there are, it will return a list of these issues. If not, it will provide a GraphQL query that you can execute to fetch issues assigned to your ION ID.

The assistant is well-versed in GraphQL and can help you learn it too! We've made the Assistant not only an expert in crafting queries and mutations but also trained it to understand the ION API. When requesting a query or mutation response, remember to explicitly state it in your question. For example:

What GraphQL mutation can I use to create a plan with name "Test"?

Can you give me a query to fetch my user ID?

With a query at hands, you can ask assistant to explain it:

I do not understand this code, can you explain it to me?

Or you can ask assistant for advice on crafting your own queries.

What schema did you use to write this query?

We've connected the assistant to your data. Not only does the assistant know which query to use to retrieve data, but it can also take it a step further by executing the query, retrieving the data on your behalf, and using it to answer your question. Please note that the assistant uses your credentials to access the data. Therefore, it cannot retrieve data to which you do not have access. Try:

Can you calculate total number of issues assigned to me?

It can answer your questions about ION. The assistant is well-versed in ION features and can use this manual to answer your questions. Give this question a try:

What scripting language should I use for the Code attribute in ION Actions?

Wait, there is more! Out goal is to make assistant helpful to you. Remember that you have access to a chatbot that can answer your questions, convert the data into many different formats and more. For example, after you ran a GraphQL query that retrieves top 10 issues, try this question:

Can you convert this data into a Python list

Or try something more exotic:

Can you write me a short story about me?


I've asked my question, but the assistant doesn't seem to understand me. Why?

The assistant is trained to recognize the intent behind your question and will activate the appropriate part of the system to respond. Occasionally, it may not interpret your intent correctly. If this happens, try rewording your question. Sometimes asking follow-up questions helps to clarify your intent to chatbots.

Can assistant take actions on my behalf?

At this moment assistant only runs GraphQL queries that do not modify your data. If you'd like to make a change, you can ask assistant to give you a GraphQL mutation and run it.

Is ION Assistant available for Gov Cloud customers?

No, at the moment, we have only launched the assistant for Pub Cloud customers. We are in the process of enabling this feature for all clouds.

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