Auto-Consumption of Lineside Inventory

Consume non-serial-tracked and non-lot-tracked inventory from inventory location


This manual guides users through setting up an auto consumption system to automatically consume lineside inventory upon completion of a designated run step.

Getting Started

Key Concepts

  • aBOM (As-Built Record): A digital record of components used in production.

  • Auto Consumption: Automated consumption of inventory items from predefined locations.


To ensure the automation runs correctly you need to set up a location hierarchy and locations on the procedures you want to run Auto Consumption for.

Location Hierarchy:

Below is an example of the location hierarchy you will need to set up in order for the automation to run.

  • Workstation: This is where the run steps are being completed. Can have inventory stored on itself or have child racks/totes under it.

  • Child: The parent location is a workstation. Tote or rack.

  • Parent: This is a work cell or work area. Can contain workstations and one lineside rack. Workstations under this parent will pull from the one rack.

  • Sibling: Lineside rack location. Workstations have access to this location (MOST COMMON METHOD OF CONSUMPTION)

  • In the above example, the work is being done at the location called "Workstation." Because both "Lineside Rack 1" & "Lineside Rack 2" are siblings of "Workstation," both are candidates for autoconsumption.

Procedure Configuration:

To get the automation to run correctly you will need to specify a location on the procedure step. This will be the workstation location. To do so, use the drop-down in the procedure editor as shown here:

  • We recommend that you set up a location on every step but at this time only the first or last steps need to have a location specified for the automation to run correctly

Configuring the Automation

Navigate to our integrations page and search for Auto-Consumption. Press configure

Step 1: Configure ion-api Connection

  • refer to the API key documentation for information on how to get your API keys

  • input your API keys into the following boxes and select your environment

Step 2: Setup Consumption Methodology

  • Consumption Method:

    • First: first step of run (recommended)

    • Last: last step of run

  • Consumption Location (see diagram above for more information):

    • workstation: consume directly from inventory at the workstation where the run step is being worked on

    • child: consume from child rack or tote of the workstation (limit 1 per workstation)

    • sibling: consume from the rack that is a sibling of the workstation (has the same parent as the workstation limit 1 per parent). Example: lineside rack

Coming Soon:

  1. Consumption of substitute parts

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