Auto-checkout of Run Steps

Ensure accurate labor tracking by proactively checking operators out of run steps after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Accurate Labor Tracking in Manufacturing Operations

Effective labor tracking is crucial for the success of manufacturing operations. The accuracy of labor data influences several key areas, including:

  1. Capacity Planning: Understanding and managing workforce capabilities.

  2. Material Resource Planning: Aligning material requirements with labor availability.

  3. Financial Accounting: Accurate labor data ensures precise cost accounting.

  4. Line Balancing Activities: Optimizing workload distribution among workers.

However, challenges such as unrecorded run-step check-ins and inaccuracies in labor data can lead to suboptimal decision-making. To mitigate these issues, it's essential to identify and correct data anomalies promptly.

API-Based Tool for Labor Data Management

This tool proactively identifies discrepancies in labor-related data, ensuring reliable information for decision-making.


  • Automated Data Pull: Every 30 minutes, the system retrieves all active run step check-ins.

  • Activity Evaluation: Run steps are assessed based on recent actions (field updates, item additions, data entries). If the last activity was over 30 minutes ago, the step is marked inactive and operators are automatically checked out.

Step Bypass Option

  • For run steps with extended check-ins, a step-based boolean allows bypassing the 30-minute limit, extending auto-checkout to 8 hours. This setting is adjustable at the procedure step level.

Attribute SettingAction


8 Hours


30 Minutes

Not Set

30 Minutes

Setup Procedure

  1. Configure Step Bypass:

    • In the organization settings, locate the 'Ignore auto-clock out' attribute under Steps. Ensure it is set as a BOOLEAN attribute. If the attribute does not exist you will need to create it in organization settings.

  2. Integration Setup:

    • Navigate to the 'Integrations' page.

    • Select 'Auto-checkout' and press 'Configure'.

    • Follow the prompts to input your API credentials.

    • Optionally, activate the 'Notify User' toggle to inform users about automatic check-outs.

    • Complete the setup by clicking 'Finish'!

ION PERMISSIONS REQUIRED: session>updateSession

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