ION Factory OS

Manufacturing bill of materials (mBOM)

Editing the mBOM

The mBOM can be created/updated within the part library.
You are able to define only one bill of materials per part/revision. We recommend creating a new revision for the part if you have an update to the mBOM.
In addition to part and quantity, the following attributes can be managed on the mBOM:
  • Made on Assembly (MOA): If true, it means that this assembly gets built on the same process with its parent. More on MOA here.
  • Substitutes: Parts that can be used interchangeably on this bill of material. This will allow other parts to be installed/kitted further down in the process.
  • Reference designators: Defined positions in the mBOM that you'd like to maintain during installation. More on reference designators here

Transfer to the aBOM (As-built bill of materials)

When an inventory is created for an assembly with a serial number or lot number, that triggers an empty aBOM to be created from the mBOM. Each item in the aBOM maintains a link to each item in the mBOM and it's called the originMbomItemId. The aBOM uses this relationship to reach back to the mBOM for information such as substitutes and if the part is Made on Assembly.

Full visualization of the mBOM

Use the Go to full mBOM link to see entire mBOM in tree or indented views.