Runs are instances of activities in your manufacturing process

What is a run?

A run is an activity or activities in your manufacturing process. In a simple case, a run is an instance of a procedure run in the real world. Technicians or engineers execute runs on real hardware on the factory floor.

Creating a run

Runs page

You can create a run from the main Runs page, which is in the Runs section in the main application menu. From here, click "New run". ion will present a form that allows you to name the run, select the procedure to use for the run, set a due date, and assign it to someone at your company. You can also assign the run to someone at a later time. Once you create the run, it will appear as a new run that is in "todo".

From the procedure

If you are looking at a released procedure, you can use it to create a run. Go to a released procedure that you would like to use for a new run and select the "Create run" button. From here, ion will present a form to allow you to create a run. The procedure will be pre-populated.

Executing a run

If a run is assigned to you, it will appear in your "Todos" list on the main application home page. Clicking on that "todo" will take you right into the run execution screen. From here, you can move individual steps from "todo", "in progress", to "complete". You will also input all of the requested data for the run (as defined in the procedure) in this run execution view.


Redline option in the step menu