ION Factory OS

Creating training material

Automatically create training guides and videos
First Resonance uses Minerva to allow users to auto-generate guides to ION. Simply download the plugin to start making instructions, screenshots and videos for free.
Here is a quick guide on actually making the guides to get you started! Once you create guides, you can always edit them in the future.


  • All guides can be made public or private. The Customer Success team at First Resonance will always have access to any guides you create in your group.
  • As you create guides in ION that may manipulate objects (inventory, runs, issues, etc.) make sure the process is repeatable by many users. For example, if you create a guide for installing parts on an aBOM, make sure there is enough inventory to install!
  • These guides have screenshots and videos that are captured with them. The video is created from the screenshots and will be updated anytime you update the screenshots. These are all able to embedded as well.
  • You can create these guides for any application you see fit. This may be powerful if you have workflows that span multiple applications, for example, ERP to ION!
  • We at First Resonance will continue to provide guides for you to share depending on what we see as common and useful workflows across our entire customer base. Those will populate in the guidebook “First Resonance Guides”.