Instructions for creating build and test Procedures in ion

Creating a procedure

To create a procedure, go to the Procedures section in ion. You will see a list of procedures created at your company. Click New procedure to create a new procedure.

Enter the title and description of your new procedure. Don't worry, you can change these while your procedure is still in draft.

Updating a procedure

You can only update procedures that are in draft. Once a procedure has been released, it can no longer be modified. To modify a procedure, go to the Procedures section and select a procedure to modify. Now, you can modify the procedure's steps, attachments, and data collection fields.

When using tables in procedures, we recommend setting them up in Google Sheets and pasting them in. Using Excel is not as reliable because formatting isn't copied over, but the content will still work.


Procedures can have multiple steps. Each step has it's own content, attachments, and field; and each step will be presented in the Technician view in sequence.


Procedures are version-controlled, and runs use specific versions of procedures, so that the exact procedure that was used in production is always traceable. There can only be one version of a procedure in draft for a given procedure. From a released or archived procedure, you can "Create new draft", which will create the next incremental procedure version in draft.


When you are done updating a procedure, you can submit it for review. In the procedure action selector, select "For review". From there, you can add the reviewers who should review the procedure.

Reviewers will see the pending review requests in their home dashboard. Clicking into the review request will take the reviewer to the procedure to leave a review. Once all reviewers have approved the procedure, it will be automatically set to "released" so that it can be used in production runs.