Workcenters and Nested steps

ion will soon have Workcenters and nested steps to help you organize your manufacturing process even better.

Workcenters (Locations)

Locations in ion allow you to keep track of where your runs are and where they're going. The new Location Manager allows workcenter supervisors to manage locations in the factory so that they can be added to Procedure steps and runs can be routed to them. ion already helps you keep track of who and when, and now it helps you keep track of where.

Set up locations in the Locations tab in ion.

Once they are created, you can set the location for a step inside of the procedure. When a Run is created using that procedure, all of the locations are searchable in the Run Timeline view, so you can drill down to the scheduled Runs at your workcenter and know when runs are available for your workcenter's execution.

Locations and workcenters allow you to manage your complex and dynamic factory with more ease, while giving everyone on your team the visibility on where things are.

Nested steps

Manufacturing workflows can get quite complex, especially in aerospace and automotive. Managing that complexity and maintaining a lean manufacturing workflow can get tedious, at best, and cause critical errors, at worst.

To help manage that complexity in your procedures, we are introducing nested steps. Nested steps help you group your manufacturing steps in logical groups so you can split up work while maintaining granularity at a step-by-step level. Furthermore, nested steps help you group steps by workcenter, if you choose to. To illustrate nested steps in ion, compare it to what ion has today with a flat list of steps:

Flat list of steps vs. using nested steps

By grouping procedures into parent/child steps, you can set up your procedures in logical groups, collaboratively build sections of procedures with your team, and enable better coordination downstream in execution. With nested steps, you're set to build even more sophisticated hardware while simplifying your processes.